Well and good

It’s not surprising that people want to shore up their personal health and wellness during a global health crisis. One way to do that, of course, is by making healthier food choices, including foods made with familiar and pronounceable ingredients.

The clamor for clean label products, including meat and poultry products, was already notable before recent events.

  • Research from Charleston/Orwig found that 41% of U.S. consumers actively seek products with clean label on a fairly regular basis.
  • According to the most recent report on clean label from Nielsen, 93% of U.S. households have purchased a clean label product at grocery stores.
  • Euromonitor estimates that global clean label food sales in 2020 will be worth $180 billion, up from $165 billion in 2015.

While the COVID-19 situation may be impacting supplies of clean-label proteins and causing some shoppers to move to more value cuts, there is continued and likely long-term interest in label-friendly meat and poultry products.

To deliver meat and poultry products that are clean label and also meet demand for increased shelf life safety and quality, processors can utilize ingredients like Corbion’s Verdad® family of label-friendly ingredient solutions.

The portfolio includes Verdad® Vinegars, which were the market’s first-generation clean label antimicrobials. We offer both liquid and powder formats and a range that includes standard market vinegar as well as organic and low- to no-sodium vinegar options.

Our Verdad® Avanta portfolio includes multifunctional blends that deliver on safety and other functions and aspects of product performance such as yield, natural curing and freshness. Verdad® Ferments combine natural organic acid salts, peptides, and sugars to provide extremely effective spoilage and pathogenic control while also enhancing flavor, improving texture and maintaining cook yields.

“Clean label isn’t just a trend anymore. It has become an expectation.”

Corbion Meat and Poultry Source

The Comfort Food Factor

Even as many people strive to improve their personal health and well-being by choosing clean label products and better-for-you foods, they also find balance in their diets for the occasional comfort food. In times of stress – and let’s face it, 2020 is all about stress – comfort foods have all of the feels, including summer favorites associated with more carefree times.

Thrill of the grill: Leading up to the Memorial Day holiday, consumers increased meat purchases for their backyard celebrations with both fresh and processed sales up versus the prior week.

Frankly speaking: Hot dog sales increased significantly before Memorial Day this year, even surpassing the panic buying for dogs that was prevalent in March of this year. (Source: IRI)

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